Tuesday 4 November 2008

An idea only a guy could come up with

....And Sarah Palin is not a riot grrrl just because she is not good at what she is doing yet does it on such a high level of attention. The point of that movement was not to try to do something you suck at just because you can, but to give people the opportunity to get good at something for the first time.

Sarah Palin is Tammy Metzler's brother in "Election": The dude that the ambitious teacher forced to run so that the elitist, pain-in-the-ass Tracy Flick wouldn't be the only person running for the highest post in school. The dude that should stick to sports and whose most interesting feature is that his girlfriend is the girl his sister is in love with for which she takes revenge (Tammy Metzler is the riot grrrl in "Election". And Palin is far from being a Tammy Metzler).

Oh wait. Or maybe she is Tracy Flick?

"Tracy Flick: Known for: Utter certitude, complete lack of self-awareness and mindless ambition."

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? said...

Hilarious. Very funny. I love your humour