Monday 3 November 2008

The Road to the Presidential Election: Day One

"As both candidates make their final pitches to voters, the connection between ego and abnegation has reached its most intense level. McCain and Obama are each saying, "Hook your dreams to me, and we'll go to a better place." That is the final message of their speeches, and the very last sentiment they offer voters before leaving the stage. And their pitches, especially in these closing days of the campaign, reflect the races they've run and the visions they're offering."
Slate: I'm Your Answer, 31. Oktober 2008

One of the problems the new President will have to face (like, nearly literally the skeleton in the closet):
"Senators John McCain and Barack Obama have said they would close the detention camp, but the review of the government’s public files underscores the challenges of fulfilling that promise. The next president will have to contend with sobering intelligence claims against many of the remaining detainees.
“It would be very difficult for a new president to come in and say, ‘I don’t believe what the C.I.A. is saying about these guys,’ ” said Daniel Marcus, a Democrat who was general counsel of the 9/11 Commission and held senior positions in the Carter and Clinton administrations."

NY Times: Next President Will Face Test on Detainees, 2. November 2008
The New Yorker: The Test, November 2008
Seattle Stranger: John McCain's Book Club, 28. Oktober 2008

Oh, and to lighten up these dark days, a beautiful cover version of the Mountain Goats' 2002 song "No Children" by Audrey Pic.

No Children from jacattack on Vimeo.

[via Village Voice]

Oh, and not that this has actually anything to do with the Elections, but the Mountain Goats EP I mentioned earlier ("Satanic Messiah EP") is available for free download at - if PayPal is actually something you can and know how to use, you can donate the sum you consider appropriate.

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