Thursday 26 February 2009


I'm considering changes in this blog. It has looked the way it does now almost from the beginning two years ago, the only change I ever made was the creation of the header (which might survive into a new layout, considering that it was created in what was the most difficult time of my life so far) - and I've lost any kind of objectivity to say whether it's useful, good-looking, too clunky, too disorganized.
I know that usually when any of the sites visited on a regular basis change, the first impression is one of confusion because growing accustomed to things makes up for such a huge part of the human condition - usually it suffices to put a new picture on your walls to disturb your sense of balance - but maybe a different surface will also help to structure the content, which I feel is more all-over-the-place than I would like it to be.
Now it feels strange to say that, since the initial idea for the blog was for a slightly less personal diary, that focused more on how pop culture and politics affect me than on emotional rambling (I know there is plenty of that still in it too, and somehow this always feels like something I have to be sorry for or justify, though probably I don't). But that was two years ago. And this is not an attempt to censor myself into a more presentable format, but the notion that this might help me to be more productive and focused (and more articulate).
So...I am not really sure where I am going with this, and where my other little baby blog fits in with its mothership, and maybe everything will stay the same anyway because I feel more comfortable in surroundings I know, being a creature of habit.

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