Saturday 8 August 2009

The most trusted news program of the US

"The Daily Show‘s influence over voter perceptions has been well documented—a 2006 study by East Carolina State found that Daily Show viewers, while considerably cynical of the electoral system, demonstrated a higher degree of interest in politics as a whole. Of course, Stewart, who now serves as managing editor of the program, dismisses such stats as irrelevant, arguing that the sole purpose of the program is entertainment, and as such, it has no obligation to be “fair” in the same way that real news programs do. By its own logic, The Daily Show has insulated itself from attacks of journalistic bias by virtue of the fact that it is a comedy show, and therefore free of the rhetorical constraints that underpin “serious” journalism—an entity it regards with a healthy degree of skepticism."

PopMatters: “And Now Your Moment of Zen”: The Cultural Significance of ‘The Daily Show’
Ich glaube, ich habe die "Daily Show" auf meiner Liste an Dingen, die der österreichische politische Diskurs dringend nötig hätte, erwähnt. Die neuen Episoden sind gratis und ohne Vorgabe falscher Lokalitäten abrufbar (für einen Monat).

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