Thursday 1 October 2009

And welcome, autumn!

As was possibly obvious from the quality of content here over the past months (did I actually get excited over "Jennifer's Body"? How come that my brain shuts off all higher functions in summer?), I did not put much energy into the development of the blog. I did not make up my mind what shape the personal posts would take in the future, if I should keep the sometimes cynical, sometimes infantile and angry tone out of the political posts, and how to write about pop culture without making it sound completely random. Phases like this happen. They are the reason why I don't ever feel like anyone talks about me when the phenomenon of blogging is discussed - because this still feels like more of a personal diary, slightly adapted because its "out there", but not really concerned about being an available CV of all my awesome accomplishments or a business card. It is sometimes random, sometimes rambling, sometimes filled with stuff that doesn't even interest me all that much a few days later, but I feel it helps me to keep track of what's going. It's only driftwood, only fragments, but that alone makes it totally worth it.
Ah, what I meant to say was, autumn, and I have a resolution for the most awesome of all seasons. To bring order into the chaos. To put some things into regular features instead of just throwing them around so much.

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