Wednesday 14 October 2009

Linkliste unbehandelter Themen - Purely Pop Edition

No seriously. It's not like anything happened, right?

Let's start on a happy note: Fox has committed to airing all 13 episodes of the second season of "Dollhouse". I have to admit that I've been surprised by every single episode so far (and reviewed them quite excessively over at cellar door), even though I never got what I expected. The ratings are bad (even including DVR-numbers), so a third season is unlikely, but we might get a comic.

The NY Mag has an interview with Ari Graynor, who is in the incredible cast of "Whip It!" (which has gotten pretty good ratings so far, but was unsuccessful at the box office). I wonder if she ever gets over the "the best part of "Nick & Norah" title.

A weird, short sketch from Ellen Page, Justin Long, Kathryn Aagesen and Har Mar Superstar about Canadian Thanksgiving (as in "So what are you having for Thanksgiving this year?). Also, news about a comedy show written by Ellen Page and another "Whip It!" co-star, "Arrested Development's" Alia Shawkat (and no, I do not read Teen Vogue, but isn't the picture awesome?).

And talking about hipsters, Stuff Hipsters Hate is a Blog with a self-explanatory title. Turns out, I share many dislikes with hipsters, but if you knew me (heh, like, knew me) you'd laugh at the idea that I fall into that category (also, I like Ellen Page, so). See, it's a nice circle now.

I'm just going to file any interviews and articles on migration- and asylum-policy under pop culture, at least as long as there is not one single discernable intelligent talking point in the debate. What, I don't know why the conversation turned to crime? I didn't do it! Why are you looking at me like that?

The Raincoats are back.

This article advises you to "youtube" one particular video, which I have included above.

And finally, music. The best way to remember who died about a year ago is to go into a record store of your choice and purchase the new "Die Goldenen Zitronen"-record. Ironic that it takes a German band to take the temperature of such a local phenomenon, isn't it ["Die Stadt, die die Klage schon im Namen trägt" etc.]? (the band website has "Zehn Thesen zur Entstehung der Nacht")

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