Monday 9 November 2009

The Monday List: Things that actually do work on my new computer

1. It doesn't crash every 30 minutes because it's overheated.
2. I don't need to try every version of restarting (plugged in, with the internet running, after closing the top) after a crash that I can think of before it actually does work and not crash again after a blue screen.
3. Video clips run smoothly, and quickly!
4. That means that I can now enjoy the glory that is The Daily Show and The Guild and other such nice web-contenty things.
5. Multitasking! I don't have to go without music, film or word processing just because I am OPENING MY BROWSER!
6. Also, I can now run iTunes and synchronize my iPod AND work on my computer at the same time. Amazing, right?
7. I can watch movies without pausing (see 1) or crashing (see 3)!
8. The island keyboard, as it is called, suits me way better than the old one. I did mention that I managed to break the overused H-key on my old laptop.
9. Not that I care about looks, but hey, it's pretty.
10. Also lighter.
11. There is a button with which I can power up a web browser while the computer is not running in three seconds, look up the bus schedule or whatever, and power down in 3 seconds.

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