Friday 27 November 2009

Two Quick Music Picks for the Weekend

Sorry for the lack of content this week. Just two quick things: something was burning, and it was pretty and scary both, so people took pictures (The winter programme of the MQ continued yesterday). And the Show Tracker Blog of the LA Times I praised before for being happy about Devin's return to "Friday Night Lights" features a profile of actress Stephanie Hunt.

Now on to the music picks: the first one is a band that I heard mentioned a lot in the past, by other musicians I liked and by people who generally have a similar taste in music, but somehow, I always failed to listen to their music. Fugazi is a DC-based band founded in 1987 and went on hiatus in 2002. Singer and guitarist Ian MacKaye also produced records by Bikini Kill and coined the term straight edge.

Fugazi - Turnover (live)

So Many Dynamos (note the palindrome) is a band from Illinois that was founded in 2002. I think "dance punk" captures their style pretty well. 

So Many Dynamos - New Bones (live)

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