Friday 26 February 2010

Pour the perfect pint!

In more semi-technodeserty news: 

The AV Club has an interview with Olivia Williams (Adelle DeWitt), who is in Roman Polanski's new movie, "Ghost Writer". Someone asked me last Friday whether I was ever "on the AV Club" (it was a very fun but weird conversation, simply because I don't get to completely geek out about Joss Whedon half-drunk in real life often). I am. Mostly because they have interviews with really cool people, like Alia Shawkat, or recently unemployed Ana Marie Cox (please, give her a segment on the Rachel Maddow Show. That would totally make my day).

Health Reform! LAST CHANCE! THE OBAMA PRESIDENCY WILL RISE AND FALL WITH... (it's a forum. Somehow, that word does not quite inspire the apocalyptic visions other news outlets employed today).

Barbara Rosenkranz vs. Heinz Fischer for President (my first presidential elections!)? Wackness.

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