Friday 19 March 2010

Episode Eight. It's All Over.

Random predictions:
Katie fucking Fitch will make a surprising return to the centre stage by giving Naomi Campbell a complete make-over.
They'll throw in cute babies to distract from the inevitable shocking moment (and Cook will be at least half-naked at some point.  It's, like, tradition)
Talking about "shocking" things, please, I don't want a shot of Freddie's mutilated body in Dr John's basement. I'd even sit through a soppy montage of happy moments instead. 
Pandora will have a grand, grand scene at last.
Oh Effy. I don't even know how you can be okay after this.
It would be rather nice to see Gina, Naomi's mum, return...but I think we won't see her. Sadly. Nor will the house ever be explained.
That poor, poor actress who plays Mandy. There will be cheering at some point. For violence.

sleater-kinney. JUMPERS. ida maria. OH MY GOD. crooked fingers. LUISA'S BONES (Daytrotter). dj shadow. STEM / LONG STEM. moloko. SHOULD'VE BEEN,  COULD'VE BEEN. blonde redhead. FALLING MAN. regina spektor. BLUE LIPS. elf power. BACK TO THE WEB.  the raveonettes. LUST. louise attaque. DEPUIS TOUJOURS. (and finally, in case it all goes well: clues. APPROACH THE THRONE.)

Sentimental rambling & liveblogging, kinda....

I don't really know what to say. Last week's episode... and it will be over, after this. I haven't been this invested in the characters of a show that was still airing ever before. "Dollhouse" was all about the story, and a grand experience on its own, but "Skins", no matter how unrealistic the plot twists are, just makes me care about the characters, and what happens to them, so much. It's  rather ridiculous.
I'll miss these kids. A lot. (these two a bit more than the others). And it would be really nice if the remaining ones could be okay (maybe even, you know, happy?) after this. And I hope that the actors and actresses who have grown with the challenge will be given fabulous roles in the future, especially the one giving a heartbreaking, wonderful, best-thing-ever-on-tv, epic speech tonight. You know who you are.


Thomas gets the first shot. He didn't in his own episode, right?
Cook. Classic. Emily. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (Naomi's house though. She is so going to be "THIS IS MY FUCKING HOUSE" at some point.)

 Karen, putting on Freddie's shirt like Effy did last episode. Beautiful, heartbreaking.

"I'm not mental" / "Bounce for me"!! Oh, I'll miss Panda so much.

NAOMI! SO COOL. (although the coolness is clearly based on lying to herself, but still). Or maybe it's trust? (There's a naked girl in your bed. But she's straight, so it's okay, even though she's naked. Oh Naomi.)

 Singing is only okay when Panda does it. Wackness. Especially because considering the ending of last season, how unlikely is it that Katie IS THERE? How much they've all changed this year.

Like an elder sister, Naomi disagrees with Cook's GROSS girlfriend. Lol. I can see the cool crumbling already, commune leader Campbell.

Shouldn't  the vampire bust into flames in the sunlight? Or at least sparkle?

Yay more Micachu. There can never be enough Micachu.

Do I feel sorry for Mandy? What is it with these two that inspires sad stalking?

I don't want Katie and Thomas to end up together, please. One episode is not sufficient to develop a relationship. And poor Panda .

And once again, Naomi proves how *responsible she is around infants. (the hair is gorgeous though. Probably my favourite so far.)

Karen is a little bit more awesome than her little brother, isn't she?

Naomi freakout coming in 10....9....8...7..6..
The parallels are always so well done in "Skins". Here, Naomi is desperately trying to copy Emily in "Katie", but...fails, in a rather ridiculous fashion. Mostly because booze doesn't exactly make her the most graceful person ever.

"you dance pretty good for a straight girl"

OK, after that, I was rooting for a punch, not a slap. GTFO, Mandy.

Katie's French is AWFUL. Mine is too but this is just... terrible.
Awesome. 30 minutes into the show and I already want to hug everybody because they are all miserable. Can't they just, like, TALK? EVER?


Oh nooo, John has turned the funsponge into a VAMPYR (*insert Andrew's pronounciation from "Storyteller")

Oh. Police, drugs and resident escapees don't mix so well.

Look. Thomas gets a storyline and a future within... 1.30 minutes? Good job. Closure is what we need here. (for Panda, it only takes a sentence. I KNEW SHE'D GET INTO HARVARD).

"They're actually hunting you with dogs". Lol. (but this is starting to feel a bit like the second season of "Dollhouse". There just isn't enough time to wrap it all up neatly).

 Gina off-screen isn't the same thing. Naomi, standing in that room with everyone gone after she threw out Emily... wow. And her life is a complete mess around her.

The pacing of the episode is a bit off? (although it does a good job to distract us with babies and general nakedness, as predicted)

... somehow, that worked better out of the context of the episode? But Lily. Aw. I'll just pretend this is all that happens this episode, and then I'll be fine.

The thing is, and I was afraid of this after "JJ", it's not enough to mend these (what? Nine?) months of awfulness. "Emily" was such an intense episode, and this is just... not the way to tell the whole story. It's too patchy. Every single episode so far has been focused on one character, and now...all the parts don't come together well. It's disjointed, and there's about two hours missing.

 Panda and Thomas. It's DESTINY. (but it doesn't beat "I've loved you from the first time I saw you. I think I was twelve")

Cookie is going to slay himself a vampire, and then the show is over.
And I'll be sad, because this isn't... what I wanted, at all.
And something tells me that a lot of other people feel the same way. It was a very interesting experiment, but a cruel one, because I really loved these characters.

I'm not sure whether it was apparent from my recaps, but I LOVED this season up to "Katie". I thought it was brilliant, intense, and very well executed. Something went wrong after the fourth episode, and then there wasn't enough time to fix it. It's absurd because even the final episode worked just fine for 30 minutes.

The last Behind the Scenes
The speech that works much better out of context.

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