Friday 12 March 2010

Episode Seven. I'm Elizabeth.

Look who is actually smiling and used all the miserable months to study? Never saw that one coming. 
But this is Effy's episode. Or rather, Elizabeth's episode, as this is all about reinvention.
I can't really say why I like Effy so much. I appreciate her function in the show - and this idea of her as the mysterious observer who sees everything, and changes things either way, but always radically, whenever she decides to intervene.  Her episodes always move all the storylines forward - her two in the first generation of "Skins" are among my favourites in their respective seasons. On the other hand, this has been one of the issues of this and the last season: how to give Effy her very own story. I hope they manage this with the last of her four episodes tonight.
If a third generation should ever happen, then not seeing Kaya Scodelario  (it's still absolutely unbelievable to me that she isn't even 18 yet, but inhabits this character perfectly) as part of the cast will really drive home the point that this is different now, and will take much more getting used to. I'll miss these people. Even Freddie.

I want:
Panda/Effy friendship.
A scene between Emily and Naomi that does not soak up all joy and happiness, makes unicorns cry and rainbows go b/w. 
Naomi actually talking to Effy, not just sharing real and figurative space (and a lighter) with her.
Cook, being more than a comic relief.
At least a little bit of... the Effy that used to see and understand everything. The Effy that changed or even fixed things (since obviously, the Effy that brings chaos and destruction is no longer required...).
Katie fucking Fitch.

arcade fire. NEIGHBOURHOOD #3 (POWER OUT). kaki king. PULL ME OUT ALIVE. son lux. BREAK. howlies. SMOKE (Daytrotter). the organ. LOVE LOVE LOVE. zero7. THROW IT ALL AWAY.

Liveblogging, kind of...
I haven't been so excited for an episode since "Emily", when I had no idea what was going to happen, and "Katie", when I knew EXACTLY what was going to happen because of the preview clips. This time around... I feel pretty much clueless. There have been rumours about something truly shocking happening tonight, and there would be a certain symmetry to this season if this was about Freddie, as his episode has been entirely about something happening TO another character.

penultimate. Ugh. I hate the sound of it.

The psychiatrist is definitely a fan of Joss Whedon. Not interested in the good stuff. They've already fulfilled one of my requests: TONY. I don't want him to actually show up, but he's been so important to Effy in the first two seasons, it would have been ridiculous not to have him come up in the "rebuilding process".

Naomi! Laughing! TALKING!
"You think you're going mad, so you came to me, to see what a mad person looks like". Oh Effy. This is why I love you.
 Wow, within a minute, I am completely and utterly over the misery that was THE scene in "JJ". Finally, the silence is over. "Sometimes I think she can read my mind". And the not knowing whether they are okay or completely wrecked - she doesn't know, so she doesn't dare to move into any direction at all for the fear of breaking something.

Oh Symbolism. Just putting everything in a closet instead of dealing with it. Anthea, trying, but... something tells me that she isn't prepared for this at all.

OK. Kinda cute. I admit. But don't overdo it.

"He took all of my bad memories and made them good". Uh. So this is going to go well for twenty minutes and then turn into a complete and utter disaster, right? Because that's not really how things work, and about as useless as putting everything into a closet.

I said DON'T OVERDO IT, darnit.

hihi Panda.

NO, you can't expunge (expel) someone for trying to commit suicide?
Ah, ok, that works too.


Ok Naoms you were a bit bragging there. Just a bit (and Emily's clapping was...unenthusiastic?). Will they talk? Will they exchange looks?

lol Katie.

Ah. See Effy is all about forgetting the bad stuff, and Cook is all about integrating it into the experience because it's part of life. And Freddie? He is in a different place now.

The psychiatrist is starting to creep me out now. Is he going to do something really, really bad? Is Freddie going to kill him? 

advertising: CRAVE-BUSTING. Crave life, not nicotine. Oh, different cultures. Fun

Right, Freddie. John is like Angel. He loses his soul at the moment of true happiness.

"Love's not supposed to do that". Oh, that sounds like a Naomily-line.

I knew that all the stuff would eventually end up all over her room, and that would be the crucial moment (the stuffed giraffe from the "Unseen". Brilliant.).

I don't understand either, Elizabeth. It's the accent though.

See how Cook gets it all right, and Freddie gets it all wrong? I'm not supposed to think that, am I.

"Skins" is secretly a show about incompetent psychiatrists, just that Effy is much more vulnerable than JJ ever was. No happy end then? AND no, it's not a happy end if Effy ends up with Freddie. If anything, he's proven that he can't handle it. It wouldn't be good for either of them, sorry.

Even inconsequential in calling an ambulance. Good job, "friend".

good song choice there. "You're young and you're able / stand up to your labour".

No, the other vampire.

"I love you"
"Don't lie"

Nick Cave.
Someone just died.

If it wasn't for the other storylines, than this would count as "jumping the shark through five burning rings of fire into a pool of particularly aggressive tarantulas while being chased by three other sharks on motorcycles". Because seriously? SERIOUSLY?

(lucky me that I was never a fan of Freddie McLair, because if I was, I'd be, like, ANGRY right now, not just bewildered. Poor Luke Pasqualino though. Especially since the "Unseen" is Jamie Fitch. Way to break the mood. Also, awesome, Jamie Fitch! Yay.)

This young man is a tad bit crazy but at least once he's gotten rid of the beard all the Freddie fans out there won't beat him up when they see him on the street. 

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