Wednesday 31 March 2010

Linkliste unbehandelter Themen

Distraction cake (I guess strictly speaking "something pleasant" doesn't exactly apply, but I had to include this somehow...) Not telling what for though. 


It hasn't been reported widely, but the election of the secular candidate Allawi in the parliamentary elections in Iraq might turn out to be quite significant. 

The BBC has revealed a massacre in the Democratic Republic of Congo that happened last December. The Lord's Resistence Army, a Christian militia that originated in Uganda, killed 300 villagers

The US considers a secession of the oil-rich Southern part of Sudan a viable option.

The Council of Foreign Relations has a special report about Somalia, the country currently holding the first position on the Failed States Index.

There is a very interesting essay about the ties between class, competition and taste in History Today.
"In modern times, there is nothing which more exactly defines social differences than personal taste, whether in food or music or wallpaper or the choice of children’s names."

Pop Culture: has a rather wonderful interview with Ed Hime who wrote the second episode of the fourth season of "Skins", "Emily", and the haunting Unseen that first introduced the character of Sophia. He also confirms that a movie is in the works, but no details. 

Music? OK. This band caught my ear in the NPR-coverage of SXSW. 

Vadoinmessico - In Spain (MySpace)

Also, what is it with me and Scottish accents? (also also, watching loads of British tv shows and some excellent movies in the past month, the most remarkable among them being "This is England", has introduced me to Regional accents of England, and Wikipedia entries on Scouse and rhotic accents)

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