Monday 22 March 2010

Some of the stuff that didn't make it.

The recurring theme of this post is "two things I like find each other". First, Michel Gondry finds Mia Doi Todd (via We Love You So).

Mia Doi Todd - Open  Your Heart

 Apparently, articles about Dubai are starting to sound a bit like those that are occasionally written about "Second Life" after "Second Life": Waste Land.

Am I the only person who thinks that taxing non-renewable energy (not just petrol, but gas and oil for heating as well) would mostly hit people who don't have the money to actually CHOOSE how their living space is heated ( most people who don't own their own houses)?

HOME TAPING IS KILLING MUSIC. Everybody else is getting nostalgic for the Nineties, why not bring back some of the awesome that was the Eighties. 

Three times squee: The sequel to Dr Horrible might make it to the big screen, Enver Gjokaj has a webseries that is "Twin Peaks meets Clue", and Natalie Morales ("The Middleman", "White Collar") heads over to "Parks and Recreation" for a couple of episodes (my favourite new comedy show plus Dub Dub!!)

Carrie Brownstein in an interview with IFC about Sleater-Kinney: "We spent 11 years committed to that band, heart and soul. To get back into it we have to be in that place where we can immerse ourselves fully. I think it will happen. We have to loop around, and we're at the far end of the circle, away from the band, but I think we will come back and revisit it. And hopefully that record will be sometime in the next five years." That's my FAVOURITE BAND!!

I'll probably link this in my upcoming review of the final "Skins"-episode, but that might still take some time so here is where you can get Naomi's shirt from the episode. I can't, sadly, but I absolutely would given the chance (also, this is where the "Skins"-movie-rumours started)

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