Thursday 1 April 2010

At the movies...

Allen Coulter's "Remember Me" which I found very well done and acted, despite some of the bad reviews it got, suffered from the fact that a movie pulling a female, teenage audience because of the lead actor just simply can't have a line like "are you afraid you will lose your immortal soul?" (to add to the fun, this is what I saw right before leaving the apartment. I only saw "Mean Girls" a couple of days ago, so perfect timing on all accounts). Seriously, never before have I seen random people who did not even know each other spread a giggle attack infection so effectively. The trailer for the next Twilight-movie before did not exactly help (sadly, I don't see "Runaways" coming out in Austria anywhere but in one small cinema...)
Ruby Jerins, who played the little sister of the main character, stole every single scene. She is brilliant in "Nurse Jackie" as well.
(also, the movie is still enjoyable when you know what the big reveal at the end is going to be, because I've always enjoyed looking for clues more than being surprised. This was the first movie I've seen that explicitly dealt with that particular American trauma, and you don't even KNOW it until the last few minutes.)

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