Friday 30 April 2010

Beautiful randomness

So I’ve been listening to Kaki King a lot over the past weeks, not just because “Junior” is a brilliant, beautiful record, but also because it is much easier for me to connect to her non-vocal tracks now, for some reason. And one of the songs that is currently on my playlist is “Doing the Wrong Thing”. And then today I read, just randomly, someone’s comment about how they’d watch stuff by Kristen Stewart because she was so good in “Into the Wild”, a movie I’d heard about a lot, but never taken the time to see. So I downloaded it, and found out during the credits that it had Jena Malone (“Donnie Darko”, “Secret Life of Altar Boys”) and Catherine Keener in it (even Merritt Wever, Zoey from Nurse Jackie, has a tiny tiny bit part). And it’s a beautiful movie. I guess when I first heard it was about a boy who goes into the wild to escape civilization, I thought it would be this pretentious survivalist crap that I can’t stand, but it’s not. It’s beautifully shot, and it tells… I don’t know, it’s just well done. It has two timelines, one of him alone in Alaska, slowly losing his mind, the other about his way there, about his family and why he is running away, and basically Emile Hirsch is just so likeable in this role, because he doesn’t say much, but what you see of him is great, and Jena Malone plays his sister and narrates the movie.
Anyways. Kaki King contributed to the soundtrack. It’s mostly Eddie Vedder, but “Doing the Wrong Thing” is one of the songs from the movie. I didn’t know that. And I love these little … coincidences. It’s what the randomness of the internet does, and it makes life a bit more beautiful than it would otherwise be.

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