Wednesday 7 April 2010

Random stuff is random

One: Music, once again, taken from "Skins" (this one isn't even out regularly as far as I know)

Laura Marling: Is a Hope (Drinking Alone)

This article on Foreign Policy asks whether Anti-American extremism is more motivated by politics or...Lady Gaga. Well, "decadent" pop culture I guess.

This article on Eurozine tries to grasp the importance of technology in political power struggles ("Cyber Wars"). 

This is just getting more and more disgusting but to be perfectly honest, I spent a good part of my youth being incredibly angry at and scared of the Catholic Church, I really can't be bothered. If it was my club, I'd, like, cancel my membership? 

The director of "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist" which I found much less terrible than most other people who saw it (as mentioned before, I have a high tolerance for Michael Cera...) is rumoured to be involved in the Runaways-movie-project, and that is not THE Runaways, but a movie-version of Brian K. Vaughan's comic books (which are currently on indefinite hiatus). I have plenty of ideas about who should be in that movie.

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