Wednesday 14 April 2010

Songs with Rooftops in them will never be the same again.

Kaki King: The Betrayer. 

“I did this to you, yes I did, I had my own life to save
I did this to you yes I did
Again, I've become someone else
Someone new.
It's up to them -
Will they let me through?
Running on rooftops now
The great escape”
Kaki King's new record "Junior" is very beautiful, also secretly heavy metal.

In the same vain: "Rooftop" by The Envy Corps ("I need a rooftop I can look from or jump off / I guess that I get this way / What's the problem, dear? Are you feeling unloved? / That's what I was most afraid of") and "The Rooftop Song" by Port O'Brien (“In my heart I know that I love and the wind will blow.”).

(oh, this is why, although watching the scene out of context is probably not a good idea)

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