Sunday 25 July 2010

From my window I will shut my eyes and let go

"After the marriage ended she turned to writing children’s stories, gaining special fame by turning two of them into television series — “Poly,” first broadcast in 1961, about a boy and a horse, and “Belle et Sébastien”  (1965), about the friendship between an orphan boy and the dog he finds wandering in the mountains. Both series starred her son, Mehdi, as did a later series she wrote about the tribulations of a teenager, “Le Jeune Fabre.”
“Belle et Sébastien” was dubbed for English television (as “Belle and Sebastian”) in 1967 and adapted in 1981 for a Japanese animated series, “Meiken Jolie,” which was itself translated into English. The Scottish rock band Belle and Sebastian took its name from Ms. Aubry’s tale as well."

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