Sunday 25 July 2010

I'm back...

I'm not really in the mood to elaborate but we found the best restaurant in the town we stayed and might return just to eat there (it's just about an hour away from Vienna, so that's not nearly as crazy as it sounds). If you ever find yourself in the proximity of Podersdorf in the summer, consider eating here. It has the best atmosphere, food and the nicest staff. They also have a small petting zoo, not that people over 8 should get too excited over this (but I totally want a pet goat now).

These are some of the important things that happened while I was completely cut off (and the week before, because I couldn't figure out how to write about it): Carinthia has three new bilinguial gateway signs (apparently there is no commonly understood term for "Ortstafel"?) that meet the constitutional requirements, which the Landeshauptmann likened to World Cup referees making the wrong call. The United Nation's highest court decided that Kosovo's independence did not violate international law, but five member states of the European Union still don't recognize it and Russia and China are opposed to independence as well. Eurozine has a thematic focus on last year's internet-based University protests that started in Vienna and discusses internet-based activism in Europe.

In other news, I've filled the empty hole in my life that used to be "Skins" with "Pretty Little Liars" (I even read the books which were quite terrible and so far the tv series isn't following them too closely). I feel about eight years too old for the show, but Heather Hogan over at afterellen recaps it which is always a good reason to follow even the campiest of shows and Bianca Lawson, who is one of the six (I think that's about right?, not counting Kirsty Swanson or the Potentials) people who've ever played a vampire slayer in the Buffyverse, is a supporting character (a teenager, but she pulls it off way better than some other 30somethings who've tried).

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