Tuesday 14 December 2010

Two years ago, I wouldn't have understood this, but now...

"One of my greatest fears is that I will lose my passion, my hunger, my fever for new music. That I will no longer feel the burning desire for the alchemy of holy noise as I did in my youth. That I will “lose my religion”. These days, like some accurs’d Vampire clinging to immortality, I gotta drink deep or die. But each time I threaten to fall into dust something brings me back. Crystal Castles give me that fire again. Daylight in the dark. The possibilities, the glamour, the romance, the danger, the underdog ambition, the lifeblood. So much depended on this second record being everything I needed it to be. I needed it to keep me alive. It is all this and more. From frenzied feral ferociousness (“Doe Deer”) to fragile poetry (“Celestica”) to contorted freakshow oddities (“I Am Made Of Chalk”) it rages triumphantly against the dying of the light. I still believe in magic, I still believe in Crystal Castles." 

Matt James on Crystal Castles by Crystal Castles, PopMatters: The Best 70 Albums of 2010

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