Friday 14 January 2011

Well, of course there would be guns and explosions...

Dakota Blue Richards: Franky Fitzgerald | Will Merrick: Aloysius Creevey | Alex Arnold: Rich Hardbeck | Freya Mavor: Mini McGuinness | Laya Lewis: Liv Malone | Jessica Sula: Grace Violet | Sean Teale: Nick Levan | Sebastian De Souza: Matty

Thoughts, predictions that will absolutely not come true and can be freely ridiculed later, etc...

I assume that this is a trailer for the first half of the season (the first four episodes), which will apparently be Franky, Rich, Mini and Liv. I don't know what the source for this is, but some sites list the second half of the season as Grace, Nick, Alo & Matty, Everyone.

After an impressive run of really good music choices, the song for this trailer was kind of eh. (but I Know by Lightning Dust and Ready to Start by Arcade Fire were impossible to live up to anyways, so whatever). 

"You're just scared". Skins has a long and beautiful tradition of using the same lines in completely different contexts, but in this case, a certain very devoted group of fans might probably take issue with it. We'll see. 

Franky is the new kid in school, maybe does something impressive or whatever to win over the trio of popular girls lead by Mini McGuinness (I might have a hard time growing fond of her, despite the Scottish accent), and then wooes Liv and Grace away with her general awesomeness or something? (also: kind of Mean Girl-esque, non?)

On a completely unrelated note: the trailer seems to encourage all kinds of ships. Franky/Matty? Franky/Mini? Franky/Grace?

Rich has a crush on Grace. 

Nick, Mini's boyfriend, seems to be having an affair with Liv, which might be reason for the general falling apart of the Three Musketeers or whatever they'll be called.

Alternatively, Matty might be the guy with Liv and the inevitable triangle is Matty-Liv-Franky.

Matty is fit and mysterious.

Nick, on the other hand, doesn't say a single line if I'm not mistaken? I am curious to find out how they'll make me care about a jock. If anyone can do it, Skins can.

What's that thing about the gun in the first act? WILL FRANKY DIE A SUDDEN AND UNEXPECTED DEATH IN THE PENULTIMATE SEASON SIX EPISODE? (this is also weird because I jokingly predicted that the third generation killer would be some kind of artist, considering how previous seasons portrayed artists increasingly terrible. And now Franky is... an artist. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. (it probably totally is).

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