Friday 25 February 2011

Episode Five. Hero Boyfriend Saves the Day.

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The entire cast (except Freya and Sebastian) did a Q&A at the Apple Store in London and you can download the whole thing from the iTunes store (seach for Skins: Meet the cast) or here.

Will Merrick and Alex Arnold "promote" Skins the Novel. In your face.


liveblogging, kinda...

Nick Levan [Lay-vaahn] would have a much harder job at convincing me that he is, in fact, not a terrible human being if I didn't find Sean Teale incredibly articulate and nice in his interviews. I'm ready to cut him a lot of slack for coming from what must be the most terrible family in the history of Skins. There's barely a  profession I dislike more than personality trainer.

"putting his game face on". And kind of forgetting what's there behind it.

Rape. Never use it as a metaphor.

Franky is a DJ, Matty is a musician. That's gonna be important later.

Yes, Nick. That's basically the same lie Mini told in the last episode. Lies, everywhere.


No, Matty, don't talk about death. I bet that bat is still lying around somewhere in case they need it.

I find Nick way more endearing when he geniunely seems to care about Nick than in any other relationship portrayed on the show. He needs someone he can relate to. A Franky to his Mini, if you will.

I'd actually pictured Leon more terrifying than this; instead he's just way OTT ridiculous.


Franky has a bit of a crush I reckon.

How is Mini sitting there, being accepted after all the stuff she did, and Nick is the outisder of the group? Turning point, starting to like him, as he gets progressively more frustrated and alienated.

LITERALLY ON THE OUTSIDE, LOOKING IN. That's what he is doing.

"What about Franky". there it is. I was kind of waiting for this. well resolved too, meaningful silence, and nobody putting her on the spot either.

"I wasn't even fucking you, I was fucking Mini".
"I don't know what that means."

LOL. So Starbuck.

and I was kind of waiting for this.

Again with the dancing though. Mini and the dancing.

Don't run, Nick. Bad things happen to those who run.

Brothers - Skins hasn't really done this before, has it? Maybe Cook and his baby brother, but that was something completely different. I really like this, a lot.

Admitting to a complete stranger that he is not alright. Cause there are no consequences.

pretty people are dumb and average people can ride mopeds #thingspizzahuttaughtme.

Nick, it's time for your moment of Franky Knows Best, also known as Franky Points Out That You Have Valuable Things In Your Life You Should Cherish. I SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING THERE SKINS BUT I WOULD REALLY LOVE HER TO HAVE HER OWN STORYLINE TOO. #firstwarnings

"And Rider. I fucking hate Rider."


I am also not fond of using THE STRUGGLE AGAINST APARTHEID as some kind of metaphor for what Nick is going through. It's okay for teenagers to do this (because they will eventually figure out that the universe is not revolving around them), but adults? Should know better, sorry.



This looks so lovely. Group scenes. And I like Alo and his ridiculous everything so much. 

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