Monday 28 February 2011

I was actually surprised by how disappointed I was

Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman, her forehead liberated, gave the performance of her life in the neglected Rabbit Hole. Michelle Williams surpassed herself (and Ryan Gosling) in Blue Valentine. Jennifer Lawrence broke your heart in Winter’s Bone as a girl trying so hard not to emote. When Portman wins tonight, it will be because she lost all that weight and suffered mightily. She’ll win because actors win awards when you see the acting, even though some of the greatest acting looks effortless. That’s why The Fighter's Bale (weight loss, accent) and Leo (accent, scenery-chewing) will win, too.

The Vulture: David Edelstein Live Blogs the Oscars
 Also, because I really didn't write about this movie at all; I had a discussion about Inception with a friend and was really impressed by the fact that he had a comprehensive list of all the logical flaws - when I asked him about it, he said "it was so frustrating that I had to take notes".

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