Friday 4 March 2011

Episode Six. This is just victimisation.

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LIVESTREAM / ALTERNATIVE (does anybody have a better one?)
liveblogging, kinda

Adorable interview with Nick and Laya (although I have yet to find an interview with this cast that isn't adorable).

GUYS GUYS BLITZEN TRAPPER IS LIKE ONE MY FAVOURITE BANDS. and that song. that wonderful song about turning into a wolf.


Rich is wearing an apron. I suppose that counts as a ~compromise. Or as Grace's influence.

David Blood looks out for his students, even for the expunged ones. #thereisanapplicationfornandosstapledtoit.

Not actually seeing the party is classic Skins (Cassie!). We can extrapolate from Alo's face what happened, or didn't happen.


Sid porn reference ftw.

That looks like the JJ-Lara-Emily-Mandy bar of disaster, nothing good happens there, evah.

"He's farm property. He likes what the farm wants him to like".

The same story could have been terribly depressing if it had been about any other character (I found a kind of similar idea - Sketch being trapped in that gloomy apartment because her mum didn't have anyone else - one of the saddest of the first gen) - but with Alo, it still retains the drama and the frustration of being stuck with a life somebody else is picking for you, but it's also funny, cause it's Alo (without undermining the sincerity of his character though). Brilliant.

"I didn't want to mess with your hair" AWWW

Jessica Sula is awesome.

a bit touchy about that subject are we francesca.



Seriously, this show, this gen, the characters, EVERYTHING IS SHINY AND WONDERFUL. (also kudos, one episode and two new absolutely reasonable ships) #livisawonderfulhumanbeing #aloandminiwhydoesthiswork

And then, boom. The way it always happens.

I have this weird feeling that Franky is the one that created, kind of, the setting for most of these relationships, and this atmosphere of caring about each other, and communicating about feelings.  A couple of weeks ago Mini would have never, ever talked to Alo, but now... she cares. And it doesn't feel artificial at all, but genuine.

Also, next week!

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