Thursday 10 March 2011

In which I talk briefly about 'Glee'...

 Sometimes I really wish I didn't have this strange compulsion to watch episodes of Glee just to see what they get wrong. It's painful, especially when the show gets something right and you just KNOW that it will fall victim to the lack of character coherence in the next episode - and when the show fails, it just FAILS SO UNBELIEVABLY HARD.
  • I also hate that the show spends so much energy on making the audience care about the characters and then completely undermines them in ridiculous / non-existent storylines. 
  • I'm allergic to Autotune so I can't watch about 20 percent anyways.
  • Here, have a moving and incredible well-acted moment between Kurt and his dad... and now the cut to the Sex ed teacher telling the mentally ill teacher to just grow up and get ready to have sex already because clearly that's how people get over phobias and anxiety disorders. 
  • And nevermind the fact that the premise of the episode is making fun of the fact that teenagers in states without comprehensive and responsible sex education end up making ill-informed and potentially dangerous choices, only to then feature the worst possible sex education teacher imaginable arguing against that practice. 
  • I really like the cast. I want them to be in a different show, or in the alternative version of Glee that I am sure must exist in the minds of other people because there really is no other way to explain the massive following. 
  • I am never, ever writing about Glee again. Today was just a particularly frustrating day.

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