Saturday 9 April 2011

Things that aren't exactly important

  • Figuring out how to make iTunes treat something as an audiobook so I can listen to the first book of George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones (the series Game of Thrones is premiering on April 17 and Lena Headey isn't the only reason to watch it, but definitely an incentive) Arya and Jon are the best #eightchapters
  • Talking about audiobooks, I finished Sarah Vowell's Unfamiliar Fishes today and enjoyed it so much that I didn't pause while shopping which I usually do because I tend to fall over stuff and people when concentrating on something else. Apart from Sarah Vowell's narration, there's John Slattery, Keanu Reeves, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph and Catherine Keener - it's like HBO, just without the cinematography. 
  • This is a clip from Roseanne, 1995: Roseanne and her sister give a ride to a hitchhiker who tells them about riot grrrl and gives them a mixtape with Bikini Kill on it, and Roseanne points out that while she doesn't particularly enjoy the music, the lyrics are a vast improvement over the songs she grew up with. One day I have to try to watch this show not just accidentally (when it happens to be on TV, inaccurately dubbed). I've never even seen the episodes Joss Whedon wrote, it would be interesting if some his trademark quirks are recognizable. 
  • Something strange happened yesterday - for some reason I felt compelled to read the passages on Kurt Cobain's suicide in About a Boy (the omission of this aspect in the movie will forever taint it, but I realize that it would have been hard to pull this off in a movie set in the early 2000s), and then I re-watched All Alone, that one devastating fifth season episode of Six Feet Under. I can't really keep track of this anymore but does this strange nostalgia for Nirvana still come back in waves now that MTV has lost all relevance and periodical reruns of the Unplugged concert and the well-timed documentaries (if they still happen) don't have that wide influence anymore (there were at least two waves of Nirvana when I was in school, one in 2004 when With the Lights Out was released). 
  • The A.V. Club interviewed Evan Rachel Wood about her role in Mildred Pierce (she will take over the character from Morgan Turner who played a younger version of Veda for three episodes). I haven't found a fictional character quite so easy to hate in a very long time, which is probably the point, and executed brilliantly. The series is set in depression era California where Kate Winslet's titular character attempts to build a new, successful life out of a series of tragic blows. 
  • A group of illustrious folks (Ben Folds, Damian Kulash, Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman) will attempt to write a record in eight hours on April 25.   
  • I wonder if Jack White had this in mind when he said that "The White Stripes no longer belong to us". (I faintly remember a West Wing episode about a government shutdown...)

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