Friday 27 May 2011


There is a phenomenon on tour wherein you decide you're going to adopt what is commonly known as a "tour look." Basically, you're in a strange city, you walk into a store and you purchase an item of clothing you would never wear in your hometown. Examples of tour looks include but are not limited to: a faux fur vest, sunglasses in the shape of anything other than sunglasses, cowboy boots. Thinking that a bolo tie or chaps look good can be the result of over-confidence coupled with a hangover and too much cash in your wallet. Also, homesickness and a complete loss of perspective. The saddest part about your temporary-loss-of-insanity look is that it ends up in every single photo. In fact, your nascent style is so hyper-documented that it becomes the way both your bandmates and your fans remember the tour. "Oh, that was the eye patch tour" someone will casually say. Or, "Their Land's End duck shoe tour was my fave!" Advice to fans: Kindly ask the band member wearing a cape to step out of the photo. Lastly, a note to myself: Throw out the fedora. 
Carrie Brownstein, Rolling Stone Magazine [via fuck yeah wild flag]

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