Friday 30 September 2011

Linkliste unbehandelter Themen


Germany's Bundestag voted for the enlargement of the European Financial Stability Facility yesterday, the Austrian Nationalrat is currently debating the issue (a positive outcome is very likely, both ruling parties will vote for it, so will the Greens). The enlargement needs to be approved by all 17 euro zone countries.

Pakistan... if the upcoming Presidential elections eventually include foreign policy questions, the question of Pakistan will probably come up. 

The National on the role of the United States in the changed political landscape after the continuing Middle Eastern uprisings. 

Pop Culture: 

A previously unreleased track by James Blake and a quote about the current state of dubstep (aiming for the "frat-boy market").

Nevermind was re-issued (and re-mastered) on its 20th anniversary. 

An interview with Alex Kingston before the season finale of Doctor Who - as much as I didn't enjoy the way Amy's arc was written this season, I am still looking forward to finding out about River and the Doctor. 

A list of pilots I've watched so far this season: 2 Broke Girls, Suburgatory, Ringer, Prime Suspect, Homeland, The Secret Circle, Pan Am, The Playboy Club. A list of shows I'll continue watching: Homeland
Also, The Fades is getting really good (I like all the characters, but Mac is such a scene-stealer). After only two episodes, all the characters are complicated and conflicted! "There is nothing more pathetic than needing someone!" (from the writer who wrote "I think you need someone to want you" about a character also played by Lily Loveless!)! It's genuinely scary and beautifully filmed. 

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