Tuesday 6 December 2011

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The International Criminal Court has issued a warrant for Sudan's defence minister Abdel Rahim Muhammad Hussein in connection with war crimes in the Darfur region. 

Reporter Ed Vulliamy, a witness in the trail against Radovan Karadzic in The Hague, recounts a private encounter with him before being interrogated by Karadzic in front of the judges.

The Atlantic Cities on the relationship between car use and gas prices in US cities. 
"We typically associate high automobile use in the U.S. with Americans' need to drive and love to drive. But ultimately there's a pricing and policy structure that enforces that," says Lane. "If we fully costed out some of the impacts on driving and had any inhibitions on car use — not to the level of inhibitions on public transit now; I'd never wish that on anybody — but simply had some way to make automobile travel more difficult and more expensive, and gave an alternative in the form of public transit or denser neighborhoods or shorter multimodal trips, then you could really see a pretty large change."
Foreign Affairs on one of the challenges after the Arab spring: writing new constitutions. "Even before this year, the nature of constitutions in the Arab world varied widely." 

The Guardian has a series of articles on the Summer riots: this is a study of the grievances of the participants. 

Disregarding whether this collection of photos is actually "the most powerful images" of this year - 45 images of 2011

Pop Culture: 

This is awesome, especially the I am the Doctor bit, which I will apparently like in whatever form it is delivered. 

Jamie xx of The xx recorded an essential mix for BBC's Radio 1. 

Vulture has an interview with Carey Mulligan in which she talks about how she convinced director Steve McQueen to cast her in Shame

I haven't yet mentioned that W13 (especially the final episode of the season, gosh) was really, really good this year, have I? Also, does that make it text rather than subtext? "We decided, 'Wouldn't it be fun if they were kind of in love?' So we fell in love."

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