Wednesday 28 December 2011

Wacky and completely inaccurate predictions about season six

...based on the trailer + behind a cut in case you are completely avoiding any kind of spoilers, even if they're just imaginary.

  • Grace Grace Grace: Grace standing in front of the aquarium, recalling the scene between Jal and Michelle when Michelle told the story of how she met Chris... Rich watching a recording of Grace's dancing... Jessica Sula explaining in an interview that her character had found the kind of love that lasts until death and of course, last but not least, Romeo and Juliet. So. I think this might be almost too obvious and therefore a red herring. (also food for thought: Grace's claim that ballet was her life - so what would happen if she couldn't dance?)
  • Things: A car crash (in Morocco?), someone's hand bleeding severely under water, someone crashing through the ceiling of a hospital room... (speculation: if Grace is the one in the hospital, and Rich was somehow involved in the accident, David Blood would certainly forbid him to see her and he would have to use his obviously questionable ninja skills to sneak in)
  • I believe this has been confirmed: some of the characters will be in a band together. Matty and Franky are obvious and have shown an interest in music before, the instrument Rich is throwing away in frustration is a bass or a guitar (?), and Liv smashes a keyboard. I wonder if the band will have anything to do with the gang's trip to Morocco. 
  • New Guy (played by Sam Jackson, name listed as "Alex" on imdb) gets beaten up by Franky. Super-ominous description of what happens in the first episode: something incredibly tragic that changes everything from season five; new guy could be their saviour or their downfall or something along those lines. I say they do something awful, possibly accidental, which they cover up but it breaks up the group. 
  • Since Franky's outfits in season five were kind of restricting her ability to move (the heavy shoes etc.) I take the change in wardrobe as an indication that her feelings about her body have changed, and that how that happened will be one of the central things about this season? ALSO THE EXCELLENT HAIR CUT. 
  • Alo seems out of control? Possibly, his friendship with Rich is in peril - since this is the most important relationship in his life, if this season is about breaking people up, this would be on the list. 
  • Only A Tiny Glimpse Of One Mini McGuinness. 
  • There will be tears. And I predict loads of "WTF is happening" in the first episode. 
  • Skins premieres on Monday, January 23rd.

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