Sunday 5 February 2012


It starts with singer-guitarist Carrie Brownstein high-kicking in sync with her first crashing chord. It ends with Brownstein, during a furious cover version of Patti Smith's Ask the Angels, pressing her hand on her fellow singer-guitarist Mary Timony's head, pushing down so vigorously that Timony falls to the ground and carries on playing with her feet waving in the air. "Rock and roll is what I'm born to be," squawks Brownstein, "and it's wi‑ald, wi-ald, wi-ald." Wild Flag are everything that is blissful about rock'n'roll: posturing, outrageous, raucous, passionate, unhinged.  
The Guardian: Wild Flag – review, February 2, 2012
FFS, why did I not go to Paris or Berlin. So close, yet so far.

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