Tuesday 7 February 2012

Episode Three. Everything's random.

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Liveblogging, kind of...

FFS. There's a task team in the E4 reality division whose only job is to check if a programme can possibly be more offensive, and the answer is always: YES. YES IT CAN. 

But I AM SO EXCITED about Alex. And happy that Liv will feature prominently in the episode. The more Liv, the better, tbh.

"As the gang try to get over Grace"
I think technically...
the phrase you use when someone's dead isn't "get over".

Alex' dad entering the contest for worst parent in three, two, one...

Also a btw, Luther had a serial killer with the same life plan, basically. But Alex seems nice so I won't hold that against him.

Yeah I know, she's amazing, right? In that very Starbuckian way of hers?


I guess it's a good sign that the condom ads balance out the baby diaper ones? #skinsstereotypes

SERIOUS. And sincere.

If there is no conclusion to Liv and Mini, or if the show forgets about them, I will... write angrily worded sentences in the review, I guess.

A psycho with a magic dice.

"She does exist, right?" #meta

it's a witch in a wardrobe!!
Is Alex the lion?

I think in a way this is Liv trying to fix things by introducing someone new to the group because how could it get possibly worse than this?

Wow, that flinch. Something is wrong with Mini.

Also I want to mention that I've grown much more fond of Nick than I ever thought possible. I missed him last episode (and he wasn't much in the first one, either - the last scene was my favourite from the premiere).

"Come and gay me".
it's both a throwback and a bit of a massive fuck you to people who thought the "come and dance" bit last season was beautiful and stuff. Stop it, we were doing so well, Skins.

"I don't suppose you know kung fu"
"You're tiny and I know kung fu"

Man, Liv really knows how to pick 'em.

"It's no fun dancing on your own".
I mean...
the recurring theme isn't a coincidence, is it?
Just maybe they didn't tell EVERYONE about it?

Lol Nick.

Does he even go here?

Mini hears.
MINI HEARS. (I mean, Jess Brittain wrote her as gay in the novel, regardless of recent retconning... so I am just going to assume that this is significant.)

That's definitely an improvement on what Sophia got.
Or perhaps it's the opposite, depending. Did these two win a contest?

So like...
Chris got the speech...
and Grace...
got Liv's tits.

I mean I get the point and the whole thing is off anyway because Rich isn't there, but the timing of making a statement about how awful strangers co-opting personal grief are is a bit off? I assume we'll get something more sincere and meaningful eventually (or rather, Grace's continued "presence" in one way or another), but for now, this bit felt out of place.


Note: figure out significance of nautical theme.

"Being angry with me isn't gonna change anything"
"So talk to me."
"I don't want to. Even if I did, I can't. Not without her here."
"I need a light."
"I haven't got one"

OH. And she looks for Franky because Franky would have a light, maybe.
But she can't ask because they're too far gone for that.


Franky remains a mystery.

Well done, Jack Lothian.

and also,

I've enjoyed this episode a lot and at least for once it doesn't leave me in a pit of unhappiness... but. But in part it probably worked for me because the things that I've had issues with weren't featured in the episode and they are far from resolved.
idk, idk.

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