Wednesday 7 March 2012

Skins - Note

Here's a list of things that gave me more joy than Alo's episode: 

  • Yesterday's episode of Pretty Little Liars. Seriously, when did that show get so good? I feel that PLL is one of the few shows that fully live up to its potential. Additional recommendation: the recaps over at Television Without Pity.
  • Young Adult
  • Josie Long's Trying is Good
  • Amber Tamblyn.
  • Arcade Fire's contribution to the Hunger Games soundtrack, Abraham's Daughter (I actually look forward to the film because I really enjoyed the story but first person present tense killed the novels for me). 
  • Laya Lewis' twitter account.
  • Sitting in a lecture hall for about 200 people filled with roughly 300.
  • Review forthcoming. Also, Franky falling out of Mini's closet was a visual joke I took personally. YOU WOUND ME, SHOW.


Thania said...

I couldn't even bother to watch Alo's episode. I think all the actors this series had potential and it's so sad that the writers couldn't make use of them fully.

Anyway, I agree with you on PLL. The show is so deliciously addictive! 1 more episode before we get to know who A is!

cathy leaves said...

My favourite thing about PLL is that it has what Skins's been lacking this season: genuine and strong friendships. They are so protective of each other (Spencer's "I will destroy her"!!) I love how quickly they resolve conflicts just because THEY CANNOT DEAL WITH BEING MAD AT EACH OTHER. It's lovely. I've read the books but apparently they've changed the identity of A, and a lot of other stuff as well, all for the better so far.