Tuesday 17 April 2012

A list of things

  • The pigeons have moved out. The neighbour still blasts his awful music and watches action movies and frankly, if Corin Tucker and Beth Ditto can't derail his efforts to make my mornings horrible, I don't know who will.
  • PARIAH! It's easily the best film of 2011. I do not understand why it wasn't more widely viewed (I understand, but the reasons are depressing and awful and I refuse to accept them). AND THE SOUNDTRACK!!
  • Had a pretty spectacular morning catching up with Game of Thrones, The Good Wife, and Mad Men, even though I think that I shouldn't have found some things as funny as I did, especially Margaery Tyrell's "the personal is political" / a modern family magic (and the way she somehow turned this whole "the queen is all about giving birth to a heir" thing into a burden for Renly instead of it being about herself!), Jackie Florrick's body politics and Pete Campbell's general misery (and being punched in the face). Also, Brienne of Tarth. A day that introduces one of my favourite literary characters into the TV adaptations of the books can't be a bad one. (and talking about GoT...)
  • And, since I've brought up SNL... there was this weird sense of nostalgia in the most recent episode of the show and it might be because some people who've been working together for a long time won't be for much longer... and it reminded me of the fact that occasionally, the show still manages to be relevant and awesome, and can afford to make fun of its own audience (Kristen Wiig's defence of Lana Del Ray is still one of my favourite things this season). No, I am grateful all of you made your voices heard. In this age of dangerous school bullying you have set an important message: If you think someone is weird, you should criticize them as much as possible.
  • Sorry, but my personal experience sort of made me intensely dislike Girls? I'd feel more justified in my opinion if someone else with a similar experience of the early twenties maybe had the same reaction. It's masterfully written and acted and edited, but I think it's just not meant for me. I might have been more intrigued if it were about the British girl or the mum or something.

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