Tuesday 10 April 2012


liveblogging, kinda... [instead of reviewing the finale of skins]

A pigeon moved into the empty flowerpot on my window sill while I was gone and every time I open the window, it makes the weirdest noises and tries to peck me. I think it's pretty much set to stay there until the eggs hatch? (also, what do I do and how do you get over losing to a bird).

Her name is Cersei. Giving her bread crumbs didn't help with the attitude problem.

Now it's

They flew off at some point at noon and I thought they'd abandoned the nest (this is when I realized they'd just been building, not actually brooding yet) - and then I realized that they were sat on the wall opposite my window, staring at me, as if to observe whether the place was actually safe from harm and ready to defend it if I made a wrong move.


They were gone when I came back from the hospital, so I put out more bread because I've sort of decided that having pigeons is cool and I want them to stay. Clearly I'm overcompensating for never having had pets when I was a child.

April 13th, 2012

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