Wednesday 30 May 2012

...or a political marketplace?

Stated crudely, in order for democracy and political equality to coexist alongside the kinds of inequality Americans tolerate in the economic marketplace, some legal wall is needed to keep economic gains from buying outcomes in the political sphere. Anti-bribery laws, campaign finance restrictions, and lobbying restrictions have historically been an important part of this wall between the economic and political realms.
Over the past few decades, however, that wall has been gradually (and intentionally) dismantled. Under current campaign finance laws, all that remains are quid pro quo bans, patchy disclosure laws, and contribution limits that serve as no deterrent on private giving. In the current political landscape, this necessary wall between the economic and the political is virtually nonexistent. The SuperPAC form has become, quite literally, a mechanism for translating economic winnings into political access and influence.  

Also, Mitt Romney "formally secured the Republican nomination" with his win in Texas (and a minor campaign mishap has already spawned a tumblr... welcome to 2012, kids!)

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