Thursday 27 September 2012

"I don't really believe in judging art..."

And for the last few years Amy Poehler has been saying “fuck that” and quietly turning it into an actual celebration of quality by manipulating the acting category she’s been nominated in and forcing the spotlight to shine on everyone in that category rather than just the winner. There’s no traditional thanking of God, country, spouse and producer when you’re in a category with Poehler.
In 2009 Poehler was up for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy and managed to convince the other women to all dawn funny glasses. Except for Vanessa Williams who channeled her character Wilhelmina Slater, glared at the camera and said “no.” (Now you know why Williams is so sassy when rejecting you on Tumblr.)
It was a cute moment and maybe a little shocking as you rarely if ever see that sort of camaraderie or silliness in the nominees of an acting category.
Then last year she and some of the other actresses up for Best Actress in a Comedy got together and decided that they’d support whomever won and that maybe they mock the over the top pageantry of the Emmys as well.
It was immediately hailed as one of the most memorable moments in awards history. While it was a shock that Melissa McCarthy won the award it was the sight of those women all standing on stage clutching each others’ hands that we took away from the evening. 
Fempop: Amy Poehler's Systematic Dismantling of the Emmys, September 24, 2012

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