Friday 5 October 2012



Butter is better than you think it will be. From the moment Jennifer Garner arrives onscreen, you get the distinct impression that a very British Smith is about to take the piss out of Middle America and its “By gosh, you betcha” mentality. Then the first F-bomb comes out of the otherwise prissy character’s mouth, and things shift radically. By the time Wilde arrives in her skimpy attire and come hither hatred, all bets are officially off. Instead, Butter turns into an intriguing is sometimes superficial character study, albeit one that eventually recognizes its intended audience and goes back to the window to wager some more. This is a film that’s not entirely confident in either its premise or its personalities, so instead, it just piles on, pretending that more will give the otherwise suspicious viewer its entertainment value’s worth.

This was genuinely the most fun I've had watching a movie in a really long time and I genuinely recommend it. Fantastic casting and acting, incredibly funny.

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