Saturday, 27 October 2012

Linkliste unbehandelter Themen compact edition


The Guardian and BBC News on the Syria ceasefire. ("marred by reports of violence")

The New Yorker endorses Barack Obama.

The end of Berlusconi but not Berlusconism in Italy?

The New York Review of Books on the state of things after the so-called revolutions:
Amid chaos and uncertainty, the Islamists alone offer a familiar, authentic vision for the future. They might fail or falter, but who will pick up the mantle? Liberal forces have a weak lineage, slim popular support, and hardly any organizational weight. Remnants of the old regime are familiar with the ways of power yet they seem drained and exhausted. If instability spreads, if economic distress deepens, they could benefit from a wave of nostalgia. But they face long odds, bereft of an argument other than that things used to be bad, but now are worse. 
The New York Review of Books: This Is Not a Revolution, October 2012

Pop Culture: 

The New Yorker on how great Parenthood is (it is and also why are you not watching Parenthood?).

Larissa Wilson on her five favourite moments in Skins.

David Mitchell on what to do with Richard III's body.

The A.V. Club on one of my favourite episodes of The Middleman, The Flying Fish Zombification, which happens to be written by someone who is now working on Pretty Little Liars. It's fate!

The Guardian talks to Gillian Anderson. Also I've just watched all of The X-Files.

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