Sunday 9 December 2012

Linkliste unbehandelter Themen: Catch-up edition

Haven't been around because I've recently been adopted by a kitten who insists that at least one of my hands no belongs to her. 


A majority in the UN General Assembly voted to recognize Palestinian statehood this week. Israel reacted by announcing new settlements in the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem. 

There has been an outbreak of protest in Egypt due to the "growing antagonism between his supporters and the secular opposition" and the fear of secular forces that their voices are not recognized in Egypt's new constitution

The Atlantic's The Year in Photos

Pop Culture

THIS is a first look at the third season of Game of Thrones, set to premiere on March 31 next year, featuring some of the new cast (the Reeds!!).

Yesterday night, a trailer for the second season of Bomb Girls (January 2) was released, but beware, it contains at least one pretty major spoiler regarding the fate of one of the characters. 

While many music magazines release their best-of lists (if yours doesn't include Transcendental Youth, I'm not listening), gorilla vss bear has a selection of mixes of 2012. And talking about how wonderful John Darnielle is, here's a complete recording of a 2008 concert

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