Thursday 13 June 2013


The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences—whose members are those voting for the Emmys—doesn’t typically like to celebrate genre television when handing out awards. That’s a real shame as it would be criminal not to celebrate the fluidity and drive of Maslany, who is more than deserving of some Emmy love. Additionally, Orphan Black is far more than just a facile clone drama, offering a bracing plunge into the dark waters of cutting-edge medical research, exploring both the ethics of genetic manipulation and the intense fervor of religious opposition. In an era of constant surveillance, Orphan Black’s premise feels especially timely, skillfully generating a taut atmosphere of paranoia and fear where anyone could be the watched or the watcher. 
The Daily Beast: Emmy Awards’ Dark Horse Nominee: Tatiana Maslany of ‘Orphan Black’, June 12, 2013
(No really, go watch Orphan Black!)

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