Monday 19 August 2013

Linkliste unbehandelter Themen


Violent clashes between supporters of Egypt's recently toppled President Mursi and government troops have been raging in Egypt since last week that are likely to continue now that "the military-backed government signalled plans to outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood".

Eurozine on the role of Laïcité in Turkey: "It is important to grasp this molding of laicité into an identity in order to understand the polarization experienced in Turkey today".

The International Crisis Group on Iran's new President Hassan Rouhani and hope for the nuclear talks.

The Atlantic Cities proposes a new definition of a Sustainable City.

Glavinic vs. Strache, Wahlen stehen an.

Pop Culture: 

Tom Stoppard's Arcadia just turned twenty.

Lena Waithe's Twenties should totally be on TV, spread the word. Welcome to Night Vale shouldn't be, it's already creepy enough as a brilliant podcast.

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