Tuesday 20 May 2014

Links 20/05/14


It's hard to keep track of developments in the Ukraine: a hastily organized referendum in Eastern Ukraine was won by the separatists, a week before the Presidential elections

The elections for the European Parliament will be held from 22-25 May. 

New Republic, about how HIV spread quicker in the US in the 1980s than anywhere else. 

The Atlantic on the filibuster

Pop Culture: 

The Guardian interviews Chan Marshall, who's playing solo concerts again. 

Sharon Van Etten's new record Are We There will be released next week, here's Taking Chances. The deluxe version of Perera Elsewhere's Everlast contains a couple of amazing remixes. Flying Lotus tell a sci fi story in their new video for Until the Quiet Comes.  

THR with a very in-depth article about Ellen Page

A trailer for Claire Denis' Les Salauds

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