Thursday 10 July 2014

Good faith

"...despite the undoubted good faith of US decision-makers, it would be difficult to conclude that US targeted strikes are consistent with core rule of law norms." 
The Guardian: Increased US drone use 'may create slippery slope to wider war', report says, June 27, 2014 
Considering the report as a whole, it's hard to see the Obama administration's targeted-killing policies as anything other than shortsighted. Drone strikes have killed lots of al-Qaeda members, to be sure. But the inadequate attention paid to vital legal, ethical, and strategic questions borders on gross negligence, a judgment that would surely be seconded by family members of the many innocents killed. 
The Atlantic: When These Experts Savage U.S. Drone Policy, It's Time to Worry, July 9, 2014

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