Friday, 20 November 2015

Links 20/11/15


A brilliant look into new research on climate migration, at VOX EU. 

(Maybe?) terrifying tech news: Toyota is investing in artificial intelligence and "Alphabet" and Facebook are competing in the drone business now. Sarah Connor would have her hands full these days. And on DNA-editing technology CRISPR: "This dangerous disconnect between scientific possibility and tangible results has already caused great harm"

On cricket, from Paris: 
It’s remarkable, is it not, that there so few hated cricketers. Many are mocked and derided but few are loathed the way footballers can be. Because unlike other sports, cricket’s not very good at hatred. It has no real darkness. A sport that stops for bad light can’t really muster much murkiness. And it is also, perhaps, because cricket is a fragile and dwindling beauty, semi-permanently on the cusp of some long-awaited extinction. 
The Guardian: The solace of an Australian summer - when cricket brought hope and light, November 20, 2015

Pop Culture:

Carrie Brownstein in conversation with Dave Eggers:

On Carol or The Price of Salt, which is now, incredibly, a film by Todd Haynes starring Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett. 

Jessica Jones, which comes out today, seems pretty promising. 

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