Friday 11 March 2016

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China is banning gay people on television.

Germany is making a second run at banning the Neo-nazi party NPD. A previous attempt failed because the party was too infiltrated by undercover agents.

A senior White House aide has announced that victims of drone attacks would be revealed next year, but whether a new administration would stick to that announcement is another question.

Boys really really need female heroes, because they wouldn't seek them out on their own accord.

A thoughtful article on why political theory was better at predicting the rise of Donald Trump than political science.

Bloomberg's not going to run, and how the Republican establishment made Trump, the zombie that just won't drop dead.

Other countries seem to have found ways to refer to the individual challenges of Generation Y in their choice of name. We in Australia call them "Generation Locked Out of the Housing Market and Made Fun Of By Arrogant Rich People" but Generation Maybe feels pretty fucking accurate as well.

These are children of gay parents.

What is the answer to climate change?

Pop Culture: 

The Happy Feminist

On Jodie Sweetin, now of Fuller House.

An interview with Margo Jefferson, writer of Negroland.

Books I wish I'd read as a LGTBTQ teenager, by writers of books that I wish I'd read as a LGBTQ teenager.

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