Monday 18 July 2016

Links 18/7/16 compact edition


Reports about the attempted military coup in Turkey read like someone high up in the Erdogan regime had a close encounter with Seth Dickinson's The Traitor Baru Cormorant.

White Noise on the resilience of cities

A CityLab article arguing that Austria's upcoming Presidential re-election is another example of increasing polarity - which is fair enough, but from the inside looks more like complete alienation with the other half (and I am sure it looks the same way from the other side) - which begs the question of how two competing perceptions of reality can co-exist in one polity. 

Theresa May is sticking with Brexit, desperately embraces Scotland and Northern Ireland in her first speech as UK Prime Minister. 

Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton

Ruth Bader Ginsburg criticises Donald Trump.

Rebecca Solnit on hope

Pop Culture: 

What a time to write and think about the final episode of Orange is the New Black, which missed the mark - "the man our culture all too often describes as having his life ruined, while forgetting the victim of the crime he commits."

The big, obvious thing these two weeks was Pokemon Go, transforming the literal urban landscape, adding groups of hunting young folks to public spaces - CityLab creates the term "traineur" to describe a new kind of flaneur in the cityscape, and in the future, there may be studies proving that the game has a significant impact on mental health. And this beautiful piece of performance art vs. the Westboro Baptist Church

A trailer for Carrie Brownstein's short film KENZO, a trailer for Clea DuVall's first film The Intervention (which unites a stellar group of people at the very least). 

Mr. Robot is back, and Pretty Little Liars is back to past strengths after an abysmal second half sixth season. 

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