Monday 24 October 2016

Links 24/10/16 compact edition


The horrifying legacy of CIA torture

More and more women are coming forward to paint a picture of how much of a misogynist predator Donald Trump is.

White nationalists, neo-nazis and the successors of the Ku Klux Klan are pinning their hopes on Donald Trump, and a portrait of those groups through the perspective of someone who managed to leave. 

How the focus on lithium-ion batteries crowds out innovation in other, perhaps more promising fields. 

Due to gender stereotypes, girls and women are underdiagnosed for autism. 

The terrible effects of making disturbing school a crime in many US states. 

On Tammy Duckworth's fight for gun control. 

An in-depth interview with Bernie Sanders

Julian Assange, successfully meddling in the US election vs. targeted leaks, revealed his greater plan 10 years ago. 

Pop Culture: 
Why is it that mainstream culture is either afraid of a feminist future—a world where women have equal power at all levels of politics and society, a world beyond the violent stereotypes that squash all of us into narrow boxes of behavior and strangle our selfhood—or unable to envision it at all? The types of future we can conceive of say a great deal about the limits of our political imagination. From alt-right hate-sites and hysterical pulp novels to revered works of literature, male visions of a post-collapse civilization have traditionally fallen along two lines: a cozy Wild West where men can be real men, or a living nightmare where dangerously confident females have ruined everything after someone let them out of the kitchen long enough to think they deserved power. 
The Baffler: Fear of A Feminist Future
Ava DuVernay's 13th is a documentary that lines out the connection between the US' system of mass incarceration and the history of slavery. 

The New York Times on Kelly Reichardt's films, before the release of Certain Women

Watch a behind-the-scenes video from the creation of Solange's fantastic new album A Seat at the Table

The future of storytelling may be in Virtual Reality (or for a more cynical take on that idea, Westworld). 

Twitter's failure to deal with harassment. 

A beautiful portrait of Ursula K. Le Guin

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