Tuesday 28 January 2020

Foreign policy glimpse

This week has brought new developments in the impeachment trial, mainly via a leaked excerpt from former national security adviser John Bolton's upcoming book. It reveals that Bolton was directed by President Trump that military aid to Ukraine would be contingent on an investigation into Hunter Biden's activities.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth Warren has published an article in the Atlantic that details her foreign policy objectives: withdrawing American troops from the Middle East, focusing on "statecraft", and "promoting prosperity and lessening inequality; addressing the climate crisis; answering resurgent right-wing demagogues who are undermining the strength of our democratic alliances; and countering globalized corruption and authoritarianism led from Moscow and Beijing". After a surge last year, Warren is currently struggling in the polls against Sanders and Biden, but she can claim an endorsement by the New York Times editorial board (who chaotically endorsed both her and Amy Klobuchar) and by the Des Moines Register leading up to the first primacy caucus in Iowa on February 3rd.

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