Wednesday 4 November 2020


Not really sure what to say on this day. I remember four years ago leaving for work before the election was decided and then coming home to the result - and what a cursed year of political surprises 2016 was in general. Now in retrospect, obviously 2020 feels like a whole decade of catastrophes, and it has become difficult to recall what it felt like not to live in a world like this. What a luxury it would be to look back on four years of the Trump presidency, to have all these "we never thought this was possible in a functioning democracy" things in a neat list, instead of having it go on and on and on. We will see if blatant and publicly admitted attempts at voter suppression, throwing out legally cast votes and stacking the Supreme Court can deliver the election to a candidate who has consistently been behind in the polls, or if the nightmare ends now. 

For now: 

n+1: The Politics Trump Made: A Reading List, November 3, 2020.

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